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Cherry Skies




Genres: Romance


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Refunds Allowed:No

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Life isn't always easy, especially for Elizabeth Reed. Elizabeth recalls refusing to marry the man she thought was her dream. Her father cast her out and pushed her away. Growing up believing that it would always be fun in the California sun is what guided her to become an M.D. with a private practice in Anaheim—supporting her husband through a troubled marriage, waiting for his startup company to flourish. Mix that with unruly teenagers makes her miss family in Tender Springs, Colorado, more than ever! Life is stressful but, this was her normal. This life she could handle. Spoiled rotten kids, a husband that leaves her disappointed, and a career she adores, until an unfamiliar number, appears on her phone with an all too familiar voice attached at the other end. That's when trouble digs even deeper, and Elizabeth's world is rocked upside down. The passing of her Momma brings her back to Tender Springs. After she returns to Anaheim, life throws the biggest curve ball of all. All the secrets begin to unfold; her husband kicks her out and nearly strips everything she's worked for away. Elizabeth's children reveal why they went from happy-go-lucky teenagers to miserable outcasts in a short amount of time. Piece by piece, she begins to regain control of her life and her sense of independence in the one place she thought she left in the rear view mirror. Until a deadly part of the past returns to destroy everything that makes her happy and pushes Elizabeth to the edge to hang on for dear life.


Behind her, someone approaches and lays his hand gently on her shoulder before he comes into peripheral view. "Been a long time Ellie, how are you?" Matthew asks, startling his former high school sweetheart. "Uh, hi Matt, yeah, it's been ages. Wow, you look amazing!" Elizabeth stutters, seeing him stand there with his other hand clutching his cowboy hat. "Can we go talk?" Matthew requests. "Yes, but first, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Kaitlin." Before they walk together to talk, Matthew stands there and pays his respect silently. Once he's done, he offers Elizabeth his arm as they make their way over to Kaitlin and Logan near the rear of the parlor. "Katie, this is my old friend Matthew Daniels and Matt; I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, my youngest child, Kaitlin Phillips." "Pleasure to meet you little lady, and may I say you can tell your part, Reed. Nearly a spitting image of your momma and your aunt at their age." Matthew comments as Kaitlin slightly blushes. Matthew politely extends his arm, allowing Elizabeth to make her way outside first. He holds the door open for her, and they meet at the bottom of the steps. "You look fantastic Ellie, that California glow suits you," He compliments. "Look at you, still pretending to be a cowboy. All gussied up in your tight-ass Wrangler jeans and that tight dress shirt. Oh my, wow, even after all these years, how are you still this good-looking?" Elizabeth babbles on like a teenager all over again. She stares at Matthew's six-foot-two-inch body of solid muscle from working all of his life. Matthew chuckles and grabs Elizabeth by the waist pulling her in tight. "Does this feel familiar?" He whispers, being centimeters from her lips as they stare into each other's eyes. "All too familiar..." "It should. This is how we were last involved when you came back from UCLA and told me that you had a fiancé." He reminds her as there's a sudden change in his attitude and lets Elizabeth go. He steps back with Elizabeth in a bit of shock. She stands there battling her feelings for her husband and her old flame. She's left confused by what she wants. On the one hand, she would never cheat on her husband, but on the other, Elizabeth sees the man she wan

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Refunds: No

I write novels with a darker tone. My main genre is romance, but I've been known to dabble in suspense and thriller novels. Everything I will release is 18+. One thing you will always get from me is my best and nothing less. The #JBLU canonized storylines are all interconnected with cameos and true crossovers from book to book at times. Think of the #JBLU as the literary counterpart to Disney's MCU and WB's DCEU but with fictional characters in novels, not comic books/graphic novels.

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