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After Divorce, I Married the Alpha




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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To get the status he wanted, my dearest brother sold me to a devil Alpha of the Serpent Pack. He injected me with ten times as many aphrodisiacs to make me perfectly satisfy the Alpha. Just as I was tied to the bed, a strange man named Owen, broke in and saved me. On top of that, he quenched my thirst with his body, making me lose my first at the age of 21. Waking up, I went back hastily to my Mate's house, pretending that nothing had happened. However, I heard my Mate and his boyfriend making out. Yes, his boyfriend. So I was just a tool to give birth to a child, a fool to help him gain Beta identity? The years of work were all in vain, anger swept over me, and I decided to take my revenge. Just as I decided to expose my Mate at the Pack party, I met Owen. He called me the naughty wolf girl, and he still had the marks from that night on his neck. "Why would he show up here? Would he expose me in front of everyone?"

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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