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VERONICA: The CEO's Underworld Queen




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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That year, five years ago, she was celebrating with her friends for their last days in college but bam, who would have thought that her night end up sleeping with the powerful and influential man in the country. Despite it, she's a realistic woman who didn't expect for anything and even told the man in front of her "You're being clingy, Mr. Sy." However, she woke up one day, her kind politician father was accused of graft and corruption, was chased to death by assasins, and her reputable family was left with noa option but to escape to another country and all those clean, hard year in politics by her father all collapse just forhearing one day. And she? She could do nothing because she was comatose while her parents suffered. Years later, she returned having a formidable yet dangerous background and with the art of war she mastered, no stones remained unturned with her path to the top and *cough* ... .. . lowkey revenge plot while the man she slept four years ago, had become her exclusive *another cough* ........concubine. Another problem arises. This exclusive concubine is possessive and overly jealous!! What to do?! The woman smirked evilly, beauty trap in 3.....2.....1, Woman: *Sits on the man's lap running her fingers on his hair while nuzzling on his well toned chest inhaling his masculine scent in the process* Man: *Danger and warning flag raised* Chose to ignore and spoils the woman even more. 'I want to give you the world but I'm a realistic man so I can only give the whole country for you if that's what can make you happy. You are the state and you own the people, play with those who caused you pain all you want, you have all the rein to reign, my Queen.' Woman: *smirks evilly* I can even do it on my own but practical lifestyle is life. Time for some face slaps and extract revenge and at the same time, establishing myself as the underworld queen.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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