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Second Chance at Love: Rediscovering Each Other




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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The only daughter of the Su family in the capital , Su Nianxun , ignored her family and married into the Gu family . She was even willing to be a substitute and became a laughing stock for everyone . When the white moonlight returned to the country , Gu Jingxing coldly threw a divorce letter ." Let ' s get a divorce . Nian is back ." The miracle - working doctor ' s family , the genius medicine - making doctor ... Su Nianyi ' s armor was exposed one by one , and she turned the tide with all her might . Gu Jingyun :" Woman , since you love me so much , I ' ll give you a chance not to divorce me !"- It wasn ' t until he found out that she didn ' t love him at all ! It turned out that he was the substitute ... Gu Zhixing chased after his wife and buried her in the fire . He found that he had mistaken Bai Mingyue ! She was the one who had been determined by him ! It was too late to regret ! Su Nianxun looked at the man calmly and indifferently ." Dream should always wake up ." Twin stand - in / you treat me as a stand - in . Actually , you are the stand - in / love after marriage

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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