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A Redhead in Tottenham




Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Sports & Outdoors




Book Type:Print & Digital

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American soccer player Ryan Tarkington is regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world. His life cannot be any better, but it all turns to sudden death when an overeager angel mistakenly brings him to Heaven. He eventually returns to Earth to reclaim his body, but there is one minor problem. It's been cremated. Oops. When the body of Chadwick Sutton, the loathed owner of a soccer team in England comes available, Ryan isn’t interested. But when he crosses paths with another pro soccer player, Samantha Densmore, he agrees to become Sutton only to save her team from being disbanded, then he will resume his search and leave London. Ryan has it all figured out, that is until he falls for Samantha and decides to become Sutton for good. Then he is informed he can no longer use Sutton’s body because a new body has been found, and he will have no memory of who he was, how he got there, or who Samantha is. It will take an act of God for Ryan to find Samantha. Then again, Heaven does owe him a favor...


He gathered his thoughts, cleared his throat, then spoke. “Samantha Jane Densmore. My first and only love. I will never forget our time together. No matter where they send me, or wherever you may go, know that I love you, and always will. There is a Heaven. I’ve seen it. And one day, we both will be there, and I’ll find you. Don’t ask me how, but I’ll find a way. Don’t be sad, my love, for when I do, nothing will tear us apart. Peace be with you, my beautiful redheaded girl.” Ryan finished his speech, then looked at Amara. Before he spoke, he heard Samantha’s voice. “When you win, nothing hurts.” He spun and looked at Samantha. He saw the tears, but she held a hopeful gaze as she stood, then turned to him and put her hand up. Ryan shook his head, not sure of what his eyes were telling him, then brought his palm to hers. “Chadwick, I knew you’d be here. I can’t see you but feel you. This is our place, and nothing will ever take that away. You’re alive within me and will never die. When you love someone, you allow yourself to believe in things you cannot see with your eyes but feel with your heart. Be safe on your journey, my darling. Wherever it may take you.” She lowered her hand and in her Scottish brogue, said, “A loue ye, Chadwick.”

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 3


Language: English (United States)

Pages: 352

Interior: BW

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Hello and welcome to my Page! My name is Ivan Scott and I am a Romance Author in Atlanta. Check out my books on my Amazon Authors Page! You can also check out my website here:

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