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Two Words (I Do!)




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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She was a famous superstar, a mysterious artist, and from a low-profile powerful clan. Born and raised with multiple talents such as singing, painting, and the charm to attract people's hearts, she was forced to leave her career in Hollywood at the peak of her success. Because of an 'unreasonable bet' happened over two decades ago, Marielle Roberts, a half Swedish half Chinese, was arranged for a marriage to someone not just mighty but drop dead gorgeous young director of a supreme empire. Vincent Grey who was aloof, cold, and domineering -and with a beautiful longtime girlfriend from a middle class family, sternly stared at her deep bluish eyes and said with repugnance, "The moment you signed this paper, would be the start of your misery!" A story of love, family bond, friendship, and revenge. She who had a beautiful soul or he who craved for power and dominance? Who was going to win in the end? Two Words (I Do!) novel is a romance story about Marielle Roberts and Vincent Grey.


The director, while holding a script and looking at the camera, shouted. Marielle was shooting a romance movie. Its title was Young and Beautiful. She was walking on the seashore by the sunset holding hands with a handsome male lead, Steven Swan. Marielle and Steven were called love teams in the movie industry. They were always paired together in movies, photo shoots, and even on interviews. They had been love team for almost two years now. Because of the length of time that they were always together, Steven had already developed a huge admiration on her. Although, they made movies together, they never had any kissing or bed scene. The reason, Marielle strictly added on her contract the ‘NO KISSING SCENE AND BED SCENE POLICY’. That was why Steven admired her even more. The director walked towards them and said in an agreeable tone, “If only you are allowed to have a kissing scene, this would be better." “Director, if you really want to have that, we can make it a silhouette and have another actress to do it”, Marielle replied. Actually, it was a good idea but Steven firmly said, “Then the actor must also be a double!” The director clapped his hands and told them, “You two are really a perfect pair. You think alike. How could it have been better if you are a real couple~" “Director, you must be tired. Take some rest!” Steven didn’t let the director finish his talks. The director was stunned but he still followed his suggestions. While walking away, he was shouting to all the crews that they needed a double for Marielle and Steven for the silhouette kissing scene. They had to shoot now that the sunset was still there, radiantly beautiful. While listening to the director’s hoarse voice, Marielle asked Steven “Why don’t you take the scene?” He fixed her shawl on her shoulder first and looked at her deep blue eyes, “I can’t forgive myself if I’m going to kiss another woman while you are watching.” Marielle was surprised but chuckled after a moment, “You’re kidding right?” His deep brown eyes were fixed on her as he seriously said, “I’m not!” Marielle was lost for words. She treated Steven as her big brother and this was the first time that he confessed his feelings for her. There was a sudden quiet moment while they were walking by the seashore. Marielle broke the silence, “Steven you know that my feelings for you are just like a feeling for a sibling, right?” Steven didn’t say anything but he was looking at the horizon while Marielle was looking up at him. Because he was taller than Marielle, she always lifted her head every time she stared at him. The male actor's mind was floating at that time. He had been thinking and planning for the day that he’d confessed his feelings to her but just because of that kissing scene, he accidentally spilled the beans. Damn! What was he thinking? When the director said that the scene was way better if they kissed, he was already thinking of how to approach her. Although he knew that she wouldn’t agree, it still hurt him a bit when she suggested having a double. Steven was hoping that Marielle had also developed some feelings for him since they’d been called love team for two years and they were always together. "Does she despise me? Disgusted?”

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