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Bound by her bump




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Bound by her bump novel is a Romance story about Annie Davies. Blurb : Annie Davis was beyond furious when she was told she had been inseminated with the wrong sperm which belonged to a Billionaire who insists he wants to be in her life and the baby's life if she falls pregnant.


“I'm having a baby,” Annie said out of the blue, making Ella, her best friend, choke on her orange juice. Annie was relieved that she let it all out to her best friend even though she wasn't sure about her reaction. It hadn't been easy keeping something this sensitive away from Ella. "You're what??" Ella asked in shock, her eyes not leaving Annie who was seated opposite her. Annie sighed. She knew Ella heard her loud and clear but she didn't mind saying it again. "I'm having a baby." "I heard you. I don't just understand how?.....I mean, I know how a baby is being conceived but when did it happen? I never knew you were seeing someone." Ella voiced out, looking as confused as ever. As far as she knew, Annie had been single for a while now. Annie sighed. "I'm not seeing anyone and neither am I pregnant, yet." Ella was even more confused now. She placed her glass cup which still had some juice in it on a small table beside her. They were seated in Annie's living room. "I want to believe you were only pulling my legs." Ella said. Annie Davis shook her head. "I'm having him or her by Insemination. The procedure will be done tomorrow." Ella couldn't believe her ears. She opened her mouth to give a response to what Annie said but no words came out. Her brain was finding it hard to process the reason behind her best friend's decision. After a while, Ella spoke. "Okay, You win. I'm known for pulling expensive jokes on you but this is way more than all I've ever done to you." Ella said, hoping it was all a joke. But she wasn't that sure because Annie was looking very serious. "None of this is a joke, Ella. This is something I've thought about and also acted on. I've been in contact with my doctor and the whole procedure started a couple of weeks back. Getting the right sperm donor, I also had to do a couple of tests, I've been eating according to the meal plan given to me and I've also been on prescribed medications. We are anticipating that the procedure will be successful on the first trial." "I'm sorry for not opening up to you sooner. I had to come to terms with myself to know if this was what I truly wanted. You would have talked me out of it if I told you earlier." "Of course I would have talked you out of it. What were you thinking Ann??? You're just 27 and already thinking about having a baby by Insemination. Who does that?" "I did." Annie shrugged like it was no big deal. Ella sighed, running a hand over her hair. "I mean, You're still young, Annie. You're smart, you're beautiful, You're attractive, You're the sweetest and kindest person I've ever known. You had no reason to think in that direction. You may not be dating anyone now but your soulmate will surely find you. You'll have your dream wedding and start a family with your prince charming. All you needed to do was to be patient." Ella explained. "You should have believed me when I said I was done with men," Annie said. "Annie." Ella groaned. "Not anyone will be like the douchebags you've dated. There's someone out there who's meant for you."

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