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Special Bond & Special Love




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Special Bond & Special Love novel is a Romance story about Erin Harvey and Arthur Harrison.


At a police station in Wingston City, the young policewoman looked sympathetically at Erin Harvey, who kept fiddling with her fingers while sitting on the chair, and asked, “It’s been five days, Captain. We’ve called all of Erin’s relatives, but none of them is willing to adopt her. What do you think we should do now?” “What else can we do? Send her to the orphanage then.” Captain Wilkins crouched in front of Erin. “Erin, I’ll send you to the orphanage tomorrow, alright?” Erin gently pressed her thin lips together, her long eyelashes drooping as though she didn’t hear what he said at all. Captain Wilkins gave a long sigh. “Why do you think no one is willing to take in such an adorable child—” Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a clatter of heavy footsteps approaching from the police station’s door. Startled, he stood up and looked at the door. “Here, Young Master Arthur.” Captain Wilkins first saw the person who spoke, and his jaw dropped in shock at the sight of the man. What kind of a terrific figure is this? Our Chief even greeted him in person! Then, an emotionless gaze that seemed to contain a sharpness that could destroy everything shifted to Captain Wilkins, causing the latter’s heart to jump. When he looked in the direction of the gaze, he immediately let out a gasp. The man heading his way was tall and lean. Dressed in light-colored casual wear, he put his hands in his pockets while pressing his clean, thin lips into a straight line. His face—the features of which were so pronounced as if God carved them himself—had an inherent coolness about it and the aristocratic vibes he gave off made people avoid his gaze. Captain Wilkins recognized this man at a glance. He was Arthur Harrison, the most esteemed third young master of the Harrison Family—the leading family of the Four Greatest Families of Wingston City—whom Old Mr. Harrison had publicly announced to be the future heir to the Harrison Group. But what is he doing here? thought Captain Wilkins to himself. Noticing that Arthur was coming his way, Captain Wilkins quickly stepped aside. Arthur walked straight up to Erin before drawing his hand out of his trouser pocket. Then, he put out a long, thin finger and gently lifted Erin’s little chin, staring expressionlessly at her exquisite doll-like face with cold, deep eyes. “Do you want to come with me?”

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