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Children of the Black




Genres: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller



Book Type:Print & Digital


Taken and once subjugated, humanity survives. On the far end of the universe, with Earth little more than a faded memory, they thrive. Now, owners of the worlds on which they were once slaves, human beings built new societies, but when the two greatest nations of this new age met, there was war. The Arch-war bent the wills and morals of both powers beyond recognition, leading to levels of experimentation and cruelty once thought impossible. But after a thousand years and countless lives lost to such a bloody conflict, an opportunity for peace arrives. In the uncertain aftermath of the truce, a broken soldier and a lost psionic girl, both haunted by ruined histories, seek a powerful secret once capable of bringing solace to a desperate wartorn universe. But now, in a time of uneasy peace, it holds a more destructive power. Uniquely qualified and entirely in over their heads, the two must embark on an adventure that contains not just the answers to their shattered pasts but perhaps the secret to saving all of humanity as well.


Chapter 1 Claude DiSilva felt the ship around him lurch as it transitioned into streamline travel. He braced himself against the narrow frame of his bunk. Breathing slowly, Claude tried to picture a universe in which he managed to keep down the artificially flavored plant gelatin that passed for lunch. “Are you going to throw up again?” a mocking female voice inquired. Claude didn’t open his eyes or abandon any part of his ritual. He could already picture Miranda laying in his bunk with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised to match the smirk on her full lips. “You should be used to it by now,” she continued. Miranda was normally intense and intimidating. She didn't often fraternize with subordinates, but when reports came through saying the war might finally be at an end, she’d decided to celebrate. Now that was over. “All hands,” the ship’s comms system announced. “Mission briefing in ten. I repeat, mission briefing in ten.” “The countdown continues,” Miranda said, sliding from under the covers and stretching. The Cetalon unit commander was tall and lithe, but with a hint of menace that often worked in her favor. The deep brown of her skin covered muscle as tight as a bowstring and every bit as strong. Claude tossed her the gray sleeveless shirt beside him before slipping his pants on and providing her at least a little privacy. This encounter seemed like a good idea when they’d both thought the missions were at an end, but Bertrand was nothing if not committed. He’d announced this “last” mission over comms just under an hour ago, which was uncharacteristically rushed for him. “Any guesses as to what it is?” Claude asked as he focused his attention on tightening the straps along the tops of his boots. Miranda cinched her belt. “Knowing Bertrand, it’s likely to be a suicide mission to Akinos.” “We’d have been in streamline longer if that was the case,” Claude sighed. He wasn’t a fan of the anomalous travel system. It involved too many concepts he couldn’t wrap his head around. Streamline was like most of the more advanced technology people used. It was all inherited, and not from a trustworthy source. Miranda strolled past him to lean on the door frame. “There’s no point worrying about it now.” “Until we’re off this ship, I’ll always be worried about what the old man will sign us up for,” Claude grouched, brushing the wrinkles from his shirt. He’d had his fill of the war. For the last few years, the whole thing had seemed pointless to him, but that was to be expected when the fighting lasted so long. The war had raged since well before anyone currently alive was born. In fact, the people of the Beita Systems had been killing and dying in their conflict against the Imperium of Sabien Sectors for at least a thousand years. For most, the only constant things in the universe were the war and the Black. Claude was young when he’d joined up to fight, but now, more than twenty years later, he was ready for it to be over. As unbelievable as it was, he was beginning to hope that there was more to life than soldiering. More than that, he needed there to be more. “Bertrand’s old,” Miranda said, finger-combing her short black hair as best she could. “He wants the war to be over as much as we do.” Claude chuckled in spite of himself. He met Miranda’s curious gaze with a shrug. He wasn’t ashamed of his reaction, even if it had been involuntary. “You don’t think so?” she asked, studying him.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798215437674

Edition: 2


Language: English

Pages: 707

Interior: BW

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I'm just a scifi writer from rural North Carolina. My focuses are and always have been my family and my love of stories in all mediums. It has been my dream since grade school to share my stories with the world and now I have been granted the time and ability to do just that with the aid of my Publisher Private Dragon.

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