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Slave Owners' Wife




Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Thriller



Book Type:Print & Digital

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As the Civil War comes to a close, Sarah’s Husband decides that it is time to sell their plantation and move north and start a more honest plantation where the slaves are employees, and everyone gets a fair pay for a fair day’s work. However, Sarah is insulted by the idea. In her mind slaves are just animals and they should not be paid. To her they are just another animal on the farm like a horse or cow. But feeling that she has no choice, she joins her husband on the move. But when they reach their destination, she is enraged at how friendly her husband is with they employees and how well they get along. Overcome with anger, she starts to kill anyone who upsets her, in time she murders her husband and blackmails their employees to work for free, saying that she will tell the Sheriff that they killed him. In the coming months, they plot to seek their revenge on her and escape. But they never realized that in death, she would be even more evil and never leave. Causing their plantation to turn into one of the most haunted locations in America. After decades of different owners and unexplained murders at the house, it sits in ruins till a small group of wannabe ghost hunters decide to investigate the house and separate fact from fiction. This book is inspired by true events of a secret slave owner’s house in Pennsylvania, where they hid slaves away in their house in a time when slavery was officially banned. Beating and torturing their slaves to death, they were able to keep it a secret till after they died. The decades following their deaths, new owners and renters would move in and mysteriously die or vanish. Scared for people’s safety, the latest owners decide to leave the house empty and let it slowly decay. With only a few locals remembering its bloody history, it was thought of as only being an abandoned house. Even though it is one of the most haunted locations in America. Reviews: “One of the best new haunted stories we’ve seen in a long time.” Haunted Weekly “I love that the story is based around an actual haunted location. I didn’t even know that this place even existed till now.” 3rd Stone “Reading this story, then researching the actual locations, it is no surprise why Paranormal Television shows stick to haunted locations that are safe. This place is dangerous.” Paranormal Review "I hope this book becomes a Netflix movie!" Tammy from Ohio "I have heard that Ghost Hunters go to places like this and because it becomes too much for them to handle, they stop production and go to a new location." Erik from New Mexico

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: Nightmare Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 169

Interior: BW

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