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Cursed By Fate




Genres: Thriller

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Suzy Bond is a twenty two years old woman; elegant and classy but with a deep trauma and fear rooted inside her. A fear she doesn't know where and how she inherits. She lives a normal life until her adopted father dies then she finds herself homeless. On his dying bed, her father asks her to never settle down and keep on changing her address, moving from country to country. All he tells her is; her life is now in danger and from now on, there will be many strange people who will want to hurt and kill her. But why? Suzy then starts to live a very unhappy, lonely and worried life, with no one by her side, no family, and worst, no identity! Who is she? What is her origin? Mostly, why these people want to take her life? For what sin is she being punished for? Suzy's mind buzzles with these questions until a stranger barges in her life. A complete stranger he is for her, but is she for him? A stranger, but a protector from South Korea. Who is this guy? Why does he risk his life for her? Whenever Suzy finds herself in a danger, this man always rescues, comforts and helps her! Kim Shin, a handsome man in his thirties, a mystery in himself, someone who has all the answers to her questions. Is he someone Suzy can cope and live with, without any more fears and traumas? Dive in and live a thrilling adventure, spiced up with romance and mysteries!

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Interior: BW

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