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A Cupid Christmas




Genres: Paranormal, Romance


Book Type:Digital

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Christmas was supposed to be the most cheerful time of the year, but for Eros all it brought was loneliness. The god of love, who can find true love for every mortal, is cursed to be alone for eternity. He can’t make people fall in love with him and all those who do end up dying. When Eros’ friend Nick comes to him with a list of people looking for their happily ever after for Christmas, he decides to help his friend out. With the use of his love darts, Eros sets out to bring love and cheer to the world for Christmas. When his darts malfunction and he ends up literally running into one of his targets, Eros meets a woman that he’s both terrified to hold onto and doesn’t want to let go. Can he find a way to have true love or will she be another victim of his curse?

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Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1


Language: English

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