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Married To A Mafia




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Zachary Wilson, the cold hearted criminal falls for the woman who unknowingly does a wrong mistake of saving his life. Now he wants her and he gets what he wants...


SEPTEMBER'S POV " C'mon cupcake wake up." I groaned as the familiar voice echoes inside my ear. I snuggled my face deeper into the pillow and pulled comforter more tightly over my body. What on earth Chris is doing here, at this time? He clearly knows that I hate waking up in the morning. Ugh. Please Chris go away before I murder you with my bare hands. " September Lawrence make your lazy ass move away from the bed now." He yelled near my ear and I almost jumped due to his stupid behavior. " Fuck dude what's your problem? Why do you want to damage my ear drums with your shitty annoying voice?" I mumbled whilst yawning and stretching my limbs. " Well Good morning to you too." He said with sarcasm dripping from his words. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my hair in a messy bun. I am sure I was looking like a bird nest this time but who cares? Chris was my best friend since we were little kids in one of those shitty junior school uniform and he has probably seen me in my ugliest looks like when I had break up in high school and I was crying with my eyes out. Yep, those were days when Chris had supported me.... Well not. Actually I had supported him because whenever this idiot witness my hurt, he himself starts behaving like his life has doomed. Fucking drama Queen. " Stop cursing me mentally and go take a shower. You are stinking." He mocked me which is his daily routine. I again rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at him, which he easily dodged. " Did you forgot cupcake that your so called ' love' I mean your boyfriend Hunter is returning back from his trip?" He questioned with a smirk dancing on his lips. I looked up at him and blinked several times before jumping into his arms. Oh my god, oh my god. How could I forget hunter is coming back today after almost 1 month. Shit, that's why Chris is being pain in my ass by waking me up. I placed a kiss on his cheeks and hugged him more tightly. He chuckled and wrapped his arm around me. " Seriously cupcake who will say that you are freaking 23 years old? Look at yourself, such a child you are." He said, instantly earning a smack on his shoulder from me. " Don't spoil my mood today idiot. Let me go and get ready. Till then bye." I said and rushed inside the bathroom. After taking a shower for which feels like heaven, I quickly make myself dressed in yellow one shoulder top and black skinny jeans, teamed up with yellow converse. Perfect, now I am ready. I took a quick glance in the mirror and smiled again. My life couldn't get more better. I have everything. From tip to top. It's like god has showered his all jewels up to me. Perfect family, perfect boyfriend and perfect best friend. In few days I am going to take over my dad's company as CEO after my business studies will get over. My dad was one of the top billionaire of the country. Well that's why I had never carved for any thing in my life. With slow steps I walked over my bed and hold the photo frame placed on nightstand near my heart. I looked at that picture and found a women in her late 30's smiling. Few tears started running down and I quickly rubbed them aside. I miss you mom. I hope today you were also here, being the part of my sweet little life. I placed that picture back to it's initial position and sat on the bed, thinking about how it would have been now if my mom was still alive.

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