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Reclaim the Ice Crown (Blue Triangle Series #1)




Genres: Fantasy

Book Type:Digital

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Amidst the cold country of Glacia where evil and corruption continues to grow, a young swordsman named Arth, from the small village of Frostwood, wants nothing more than to help his poor village that's suffering under the hands of the nobles. On his journey, he finds himself entering a rebel guild called Forgotten Winter—a group of talented assassins who has only one goal; to eliminate the source of evil and corruption in the country—that is … to overthrow the King. But when Arth discovers the game-changing truth about him … about the King … about who the real enemy is … He has to learn how to unleash the hidden power he has within himself, because he's the only one now who can save his country from annihilation.ATTENTION: My book had been selected ... and Goodnovel will create an AUDIOBOOK from it … We're currently working on it now … so please stay tuned!

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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