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Hidden Lands




Genres: Fantasy


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Book Type:Digital

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With faceless pursuers behind him, Lored must reach the Hidden Plateau before they catch up. “Beautifully written and it held my attention from start to finish.” E Baxter Disillusioned and disappointed with the way Olin Heon now conducts itself, Lored, a powerful taku-kevir, leaves the place he once called home and journeys in search of a new purpose in life. Tari, an acolyte in the Temple, is forced to trust the new priestess Undine, as danger besets her on every side; can she withstand the overpowering attraction of the kaerling man sent to question her? Hidden Lands continues the fantasy epic that is The Kaerling.


"Freya’s ability to craft complex characters and create an interwoven storyline show’s well in this volume! The way things play out as the story unfolds, with some mysteries answered and others yet to be revealed, makes me want to know more of this world!" Troy "I felt as though I travelled with Lored through this fertile landscape. The plot of The Kaerling thickens and in this book the reader can see how the previous volumes influence the current narrative. Great stuff! Don't want it to end..." Jiri

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English (United Kingdom)

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My aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through my writing.

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