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Genres: Fantasy


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Book Type:Digital

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Trapped in Aura Vere, the twins must survive, without being discovered by the kaerlings. “I simply adored reading Ambassador and look forward to the sequel!” C Messelodi In a case of mistaken identity, Otta is assumed to be a kaerling ambassador and finds refuge in Aura Vere. The shrineless god instructs Otta to find out about the mythical unicorn in Aura Vere's library, but, as her fascination with the kaerlings increases, her studies decline When it becomes clear that the kaerlings are aware of Otta's presence in the city, she and Erl must find a way of leaving in secret, before the foreign ambassadors find her. Ambassador continues the epic saga that began in Silver Fire.


In the gathering gloom Otta saw that the gates were made of wood and iron. Only one gate stood open and there were guards in blue and black livery waiting for them. “Who goes there?” called one of the guards. “Erl and Otta,” her brother called back. “We travelled with the traders.” The guard stood aside. “They have told us about you. Come into the guardhouse.” Feeling nervous, Otta followed Erl and Derri through the gate and turned left into a large, empty antechamber. The door in the opposite wall was open and a warm light streamed from it. They stepped into a spacious room with a large fire in the hearth to their left. Liveried guards stood around talking. The heat struck Otta like a physical blow and for a moment she found it hard to breathe. Then she became aware of how her fingers and toes hurt. “Come to the fire, travellers,” said another guard. “You must be nearly perished with cold.” “It has been rather chilly,” remarked Erl, setting Derri down before the fire. The guards laughed at Erl’s comment and the child cringed, staring around. Otta hurried over to him, reassuring him with quiet words. She pulled off his wraps and gloves and made him stretch out his hands to the fire. Derri did as he was told and stared into the dancing flames, entranced. Otta started removing her own woollen gloves and fur mufflers as Erl continued to joke with the guards. A sudden halt in conversation indicated that something was wrong. She glanced up as she removed her hood, enjoying the heat on her face. Without exception every guard was staring at her. Outside the traders’ wagons lumbered past. What’s wrong? she asked Erl silently. No idea, he replied. They were fine until you showed your face. Be haughty, came Nagaru’s whisper. Without questioning the god, Otta did as he commanded. Her instincts told her that somehow she had put herself and her brother in a very dangerous situation. She raised her head and looked down her nose...

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My aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through my writing.

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