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Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Kimberly Blake, daughter and only child of billionaire, Hillary Blake, loves her freedom and independence. She hates being told what to do more than anything. But all that freedom becomes a thing of the past when she gets kidnapped and her father hires private investigator and bodyguard, Asher Adams to rescue her. Now, not only is she stuck with a big hunk of a man following her around and watching her every move... But one she finds so damn attractive....


In the past four weeks, Kimberly Blake had known someone was following her. She could sense it so clearly, that prickly sensation down the center of her spine, hair standing up at the back of her neck, goose bumps marching an eager path down her arms. Someone was there. When she went shopping for groceries, when she got the mail, when she dressed for bed at night. Someone was watching. She hadn’t communicated her fears to anyone, because she feared they wouldn’t believe her and think that she was crazy. Hell, she was actually beginning to think that she was a little bit crazy. Because no matter how weird she felt, she never saw anything to prove that she was being followed. But she felt it. She just knew. Somehow she did. Who would want to harm her? She often wondered. Fine, maybe she got into a little quarrel and disagreements with people… Everyone did. She was sure it wasn’t enough for someone to want to hurt her….Or was it? People could do really weird things sometimes. For really little things. Though you couldn’t be too sure. Her family was wealthy and they had a lot of family friends. Her father and his friend Christopher Keane sometimes held parties at the house. Parties Kimberly usually found boring. She knew most of people who attended just came to show off their designer clothes and brag about their latest achievements. The women regarded food as an enemy and the men were so damn arrogant for her liking… People who thought they could get anything they wanted because they had wealth. Sometimes she couldn’t understand why her father hung out with such people. She was an only child. Her mother, Clara Blake, had died when she was still a baby. So she had no memories of her. But she had seen pictures of her and most times she wondered what it would have been like growing up with her mother. It wasn’t so easy when she was a teenager and wanted to talk about things she didn’t feel like talking about with her father. Things she felt her mother would have understood better. And most times she envied her friends when she saw them with their moms. Her father, Hillary Blake had loved his wife so much and he had been so broken when she died. He never remarried. So he raised Kimberly as a single father. He was filthy rich. He owned his own company. And so Kimberly never lacked anything… At least, not any material item. Hillary loved his only daughter and only child so dearly. He would do anything for her and everyone who knew them knew that. Kimberly was the apple of her father’s eyes and he would do anything to protect her. Kimberly knew this too. She was Twenty five years old and she headed one of her father’s branches. She would soon inherit her father’s company and she knew Hillary would do anything to protect his lovely daughter and heir to his fortune. Which was why she didn’t tell him about her recent suspicions about being followed. She knew that if she did, he would immediately order her to do something crazy like move back into his mansion. And that was the last thing Kimberly wanted.

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