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Bullied To Love




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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I DON'T FUCKING CARE, YOU ARE MINE SO, WHEN I SAY NO GUY WILL TOUCH YOU, I FUCKING MEAN NO GUY WILL TOUCH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE ------------------- Katherine Luciano is a beautiful lady, living with her single mom. She did not know her life would take a different turn the day she goes for a job interview. She meets the one person she wishes she never sees again in her life. The one person who made her high school the worst time of her life, Lorenzo Costanzo. A well-known person in society. He has the looks, the fame, the money, and everything with a lot of mysterious secrets. Does she fall prey to his wrath once again, or change the heart of a cold man?


I am waiting in a room full of potential applicants—a few who look like strippers—all with the hope of getting the job. I wonder why they come dressed half naked. Is seduction the only way they think they can get the job? Why do some women think so little of themselves? I pray the boss is not like all those bosses who are looking for a personal assistant who helps in other areas like his bedroom, if you know what I mean. A few others dressed more professional than me look like they have been in this profession far longer than I have. It’s making me feel unqualified with my MBA right now. I was eager to get this job because the money would help my mama and I. Being a single mother is never easy, but she pulled it off. She brought me up in the best way possible. I never really got to know who my father is or where he is from because every time I ask mama about my father, she tells me that he was a one-night stand. And while I believed there was more to the story, I knew better than pushing her to tell me. I am not forcing the issue, and I know she is silently grateful for that. I am brought back to earth when the secretary calls my name. She is a blond with big grey eyes and a pretty smile. I walk up to her table. “Hi, I am Joan, you must be Katherine. Walk to the door on the left. He is waiting for you.” “Alright, thank you,” I say, walking to the door while saying a silent prayer before knocking. “Come in.” I hear a husky voice say. I walk into a beautiful office. The walls are painted black with golden lines all around it, with mahogany brown in some places. On my left is a wall adorned with white glass, a tile thing I think, with a beautiful golden line pattern on it. There are two black armchairs and a two-seater couch with a brown wooden coffee table in the middle. The windows have two green plants in front of it. The desk area has this long book shelf behind it. There are two black chairs in front of the brown wooden desk. The person behind the desk has his nose buried in some documents, so he has not seen me yet. “Come and have a seat,” the man says. His voice sounds very familiar, but I hope it’s my mind playing a trick on me. “Thank You, Sir.” “Let’s begin,” he says finally lifting his head. Once he does it’s like all the blood leaves my body, making me freeze on the spot. I can’t believe it’s him. The one person who I thought, or rather prayed, I would never see again. He made my life a living hell in high school. My sworn enemy, Lorenzo Costanzo. He has changed. He was handsome before, but he is even more attractive now with his grey shirt unable to hide a fantastic chest... I stare into his beautiful green eyes forgetting why I am here. “When you are done staring, I would like for us to begin,” he says acting like he does not know who I am. “What is your name?” he says. Is he really asking me that question? I can’t believe he is acting like he does not know me. Maybe he is asking to be sure. “My name is Katherine Luciano,” I say, and I genuinely wish he does not remember who I am after what he did to me in high school.

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