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Luck and You




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Patrice Kwon is a struggling student who just came out of the orphanage. She juggled jobs just to suffice and thrive in her lowly life. But one day, she was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn more than what she's currently earning


“Patrice! On table 5 please?” Mrs. Lee ordered. Patrice Kwon is an orphan. She is a strong girl who works at a café part time as she goes to school during the day. Yes. Orphan. Her parents died due to an accident when she was still 5 years old. She stayed at the orphanage until she could live on her own, which she is doing right now. She lives in a small apartment at a not – so – cool neighborhood. All her life, she has been wanting to have a better living, a rich family. It was her wish: to be adopted by a rich family. She always watched the kids in the orphanage as they were adopted by rich couples who can’t have a child, by people who wants to have a child but doesn’t want to have a husband or wife, by parents who have just had to pass the time of their child’s death. Yes, how she wanted to be the one to be adopted by those. But nah, she wasn’t adopted. Although, that didn’t stop her determination to be rich. Just as when she was freed from the orphanage, she looked for jobs and a place to stay at. She had 3 jobs to start with and to catch up with the bills. Sure, it was really hard for her. But she made it. Right now, she is studying with a part time job to keep her alive. Sure, it is tiring, but that’s life. Patrice went back to the counter once she had served the table 5. Mina smiled at her. “Tired now?” She asked. Patrice smiled back. “I have no time to be tired right now, do I?” She asked looking at the bunch of people inside the café. Mina chuckled and shook her head. “No. You don’t.” She said. Mina is Patrice’s friend who also works on that café. She, also, is a working student. She would study by day and work at night. She has a family who lives in the province that depends on her. Yes, even though she is just a student. Patrice approached the new costumers who had just entered the shop. “Good Evening! Welcome to Lee Café!” She greeted politely. The girls just shrug her off. “Move, Patrice Kwon.” Jillian said as she pushed Patrice out of the way and followed her friends inside. Patrice glared at Jillian’s back. How she hated that girl. Jillian Lee is the daughter of Mrs. Lee, who owns the shop. She studies at the prestigious Woollim High where a lot of rich people go to. She always has her way to get all her luxuries she needed because her parents treat her so well, as their only daughter. “What are you doing there staring at me, Patrice Kwon? Come and take our order!” Jillian shouted at Patrice making her embarrassed inside the café. Patrice rolled her eyes inwardly and balled her fist on the sides. *This girl. She’s so bossy. Like she’s the one giving me my wage!* She screamed inside her head. Patrice went to the table with Jillian and friends. Jillian gawked at Patrice before she turned to her friends. “Girls, order all you want. It’s all on me.” She said. Then her friends grew excited and threw all their orders at Patrice who grew really confused because they talk all at the same time. Patrice sighed when she cleared the orders. “I’ll get back to you with your orders. Thank you.” She bowed at them and went to the counter. She threw her order sheet on the counter in full anger with Jillian. She really doesn’t get why Jillian is so harsh when her parents are really kind and nice.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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