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Since coming on the scene, JP Dumas has released 3 hit books, each book has reached the top 30 in over 4 different countries and has been nominated for over 8 different awards. We are now releasing the Horror Collection, all 3 books together at 50% off for everyone to enjoy. Every story scary, every story unique, every story deals with the paranormal. Books: American Horror Story: Horror Short Stories American Horror Story: Horror Shorts is a collection of short stories to read right before bed or to recite on a camping trip in order to scare people in order to keep them awake all night. In this collection we see how people live in denial and think that the paranormal world is not real. They only believe what they can see or touch. But in this collection of short stories, we see what happens when people come face to face with the paranormal and they have to accept that there is a whole other world that exists besides their own. Stories: 1. The Attic 2. Ouija Board 3. Maine Honey Pot 4. Stella 5. Across the River 6. Girl at the Café Slave Owners’ Wife: At the end of the Civil War, her husband decides to move north and start an honest plantation where everyone is treated equal. However, after moving, she cannot think of slaves as equals, they are still animals in her mind. Still murdering any of the workers that upsets her. She becomes enraged when she sees how friendly her husband has become with the workers. Then one night she murders her husband and blackmails the workers into staying. However, in the months to come, they plot her death. But to their surprise, her ghost comes back and murders everyone. In the years and decades that follow, her ghost continues to murder anyone that enters the house, eventually the house is abandoned and left to ruin. Decades late following some horrific murders, it sparks the interest of some locals to investigate the house and find out the truth once and for all. Stories: 1. Slave Owners’ Wife 2. Halloween in Salem (bonus story) American Horror Story: St. Augustine St. Augustine Florida is famous for being one of Americas oldest Cities, millions of people travel there yearly for the food, water, and history. But like any old city, you also have years of murder, crime and more that can lead to the city becoming one of the most haunted cities in the world. Featured in this book is a collection of short stories based around St. Augustine Florida. Paranormal stories having to do with greed, murder, cursed locations, and even ghosts who don’t even know they are dead and refuse to move on. Stories: 1. Matanzas Treasure 2. The Run 3. Mary Walker 4. Old Jail House 5. Castillo de San Marcos 6. Deep Love 7. Last Resident 8. The Writer a. The Writer’s Story

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