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The Marked One




Genres: Horror


Reg: $2.99

Save: $1.80 (60%)

Book Type:Digital

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Once a dedicated father and faithful husband, Adam is now nothing but a drunk whose life is nothing more than a meaningless drive into eventual death. But the powers that be won’t let him go and on a business trip the truth will be revealed. Now Adam must come face to face with the demons who manufactured the day that ruined his life. Their work took his daughter and destroyed his trust in his wife. Tonight, he will find that his soul has been marked and now he must fight back against the lords of Hell, or else. After all of these years, he will realize that the catastrophic day which changed his life wasn’t a fluke — he’ll come face to face with their grand plan. In their quest to collect righteous souls, his fall was only the first step, and they’re now ready to collect. Can Adam fight back against the odds, against the demons who marked him? Or will his hate and anger open the door for his ultimate downfall?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Interior: BW



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