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The Soulless Man Part 4 Drug Money




Genres: Horror



Book Type:Print & Digital

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It's been 3 years since they have laid The Soulless Man to rest. Brownsville living in peace now but only to the public's eye. Dark days are beginning for the town of Brownsville once again with people being found dead. The cause of death, drug overdose. Police has seen a raise in drug activity within the town of Brownsville and know there is a drug dealer within its limits since the election of a new sheriff as the activity got bigger. Justin's Dad had passed on because of unknown reasons which let to controversy around his death. Justin knowing it had something to deal with the drug dealing's tries to go undercover for himself to see if he can get some answers from within the gang since the police could not, little did he know trying to leave the gang would be his life on the line. Emma and Jim learning of what he had done had to contemplate the one thing they thought they would never do, wake up The Soulless Man..

Book Details

James Skillman was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, living most his life in the countryside town of Reynoldsville. He started writing when he was a teenager. He wrote poetry and dark poetry at first and had some of his works published at a young age. He has had an interest in everything horror from movies to books and also games since he was a kid. Interests including movies, reading, writing, games and adventuring, rather it be in a car, looking at new places, or walking in the woods. You can follow him on twitter at @Ginger_beardTV or follow his horror gaming at-

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