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Vampire Landlord




Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Lori is a college student who discovers that her best friend has gone missing. When she finds her friend she learns her friend has moved to an expensive penthouse on Chicago's pristine lakefront and her that new landlord has weird behaviors. The new hickeys appearing on her friend's neck cause concern, and her friend isn't feeling well. Her pale complexion, sudden onset of anemia and low blood pressure cause her friend to suffer from dizzy spells and fainting. It's not long before Lori suspects her friend's new landlord is a vampire. Find out what happens next when Lori confronts the Vampire Landlord!


Vampire Landlord by Glenn Stevens is a quick, pithy read that can be navigated in just over an hour or so. If you are looking for a vampire story with a difference and with some cunning twists, this may well be the perfect story for you. The landlord Annette was fascinating and the character showed a ton of potential. The author's style is relaxed and conversational, making the read quick and easy but I still felt there was room for more meat on the bones of this story. That having been said, in the context of a short story in this genre it was both satisfying and easily consumed. I particularly enjoyed the freezer room attached to Annette's bedroom and would have loved the author to explore that more fully. If you are looking for an entertaining read in the vampiric genre, this book will definitely suit your needs.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Amazon


Language: English

Pages: 59

Interior: BW

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Glenn grew up in Chicago glued to the TV watching Dark Shadows every afternoon. In that highly rated series, it was Barnabas Collins who first ignited Glenn's passion for blood and vampire stories. The more romantic and erotic vampire stories like Dracula and the many films by Hammer set that passion ablaze.

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