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Moon Men Deep Inside




Genres: Science Fiction


Book Type:Digital

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This is one of the most unique and unusual science fiction time travel books you will ever read. The illustrated novel is based upon actual events in real life. It all started when the author encountered a stranger hitchhiking on a lonely, isolated road a very long time ago. The stranger may have been from the future. He was stationed at a deep underground based on the moon beneath the crater Clavius operated by a top-secret agency from Earth codenamed MMDI (the initials for Moon Men Deep Inside.) His missions to Earth were all to repair timelines from the past to prevent human civilization in the near future from descending into chaos and self-destruction.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Pages: 560

Interior: Color

Keywords: , , ,


I am in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am known as a storyteller and digital artist. My work online since 2007 is internationally renowned.

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