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The Magicium Series




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction


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Book Type:Print & Digital

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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CREATION DEFEATS CREATOR? Set in an indeterminate year in the future, The Magicium Series revolves around the discovery of magicium, an element that humankind learnt to use and abuse. Its discovery explained many natural phenomena around the globe, ranging from the majesty of the Northern Lights to the pink waters of Lake Hellier. In typical human arrogance, rather than using this amazing discovery for the common good, humanity sought the frivolous. Instead of solving the energy crisis or ensuring equitable distribution of resources, they created Abominations, creatures from mythical traditions around the world. Expensive human playthings, or perhaps slaves, the A-boms were imbued with the magical prowess associated with their creation. The unthinkable, yet predictable, followed. They rebelled. Humanity was decimated and driven underground. Most cities were destroyed. Those who had once held dominion over the Earth forged half-lives Underside. Abominations ruled land, air and sea. And so much knowledge was lost in The War, it seemed these dark days would continue forever. Cue four unintentional heroes. But how can Carla, Junior, Blessing and Logan rebuild the world when their own pasts threaten to get in the way?


His first five novels comprise the first cycle of The Magicium Series, The Mistress Manuscripts: 'Discoveries' (winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award), 'Disruptions', 'Disciples', 'Disintegration' and 'Dissidents'.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798366832823

Edition: 1

Publisher: T.N Baldwin


Language: English (American Samoa)

Pages: 371

Interior: BW

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