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His sister, isn't his sister. His father is dad and now so is his mother. His manipulative aunt and her maniacal son are our for his blood. Surrounded by evil, how can Alric possibly find the strength to defeat what's left of his family. Faced with the betrayal of those who should have protected him, in a land where magic is discovered, created and coveted, faith will determine the outcome of all involved. Faith in the light or the darkness is the question.


We were supposed to die together, my love and I. But, here I lay among the winter leaves and skeletal branches, alone, but not quite. I could still sense his heartbeat within me. The child lived; but not for long. I didn't have the strength to erect a shield fast enough and one arrow met its mark. He hit me in the back. The coward! Even now, I could feel the point of it grazing the inside of my large belly as I drifted off into the past from the pain.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781734919219


Language: English

Pages: 210

Interior: BW

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Nicole Thomas was born in Queens, New York in 1984. She has been married for 10 years and has one daughter and one cat. For her "Outside of church, there is no where more refreshing for my soul than curled up in a corner with chocolate and a good book." And that love led into writing. She has always enjoyed reading, her favorite genres being christian fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. Tales of Elhaanai, her first novel, is a mystical blending of those genres. Early one morning Nicole heard Alanna's voice as she ran for her life through the mists. That is how Elhaanai was born. She is currently working on the second book in The Elhaanai saga.

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