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Prepare for the ultimate erotic LitRPG experience! Five years ago, the world Changed. People transformed into fantastical Races, gained powerful and mystical Classes and could look up their Status at any time. However, while the world became disrupted by dungeons and mythical creatures and unlimited physical and mental potential, humanity mostly stayed the same. People - no matter their new Races and powers - went back to work, and the world continued on as if it was just another day. Honoka Jefferson is one of those people that Changed, but her life mostly stayed the same. Same boring job, same small and shapeless body, same non-existent social life, same tendency to make puns and quote old movies. Only now she had a sixteen-inch futanari cock! An architect working in Boston, all she wants is to figure out how to level up her Class and become something more than boring. If she can't obtain normal, she'll settle for turning into something MORE than normal. When a chance encounter leads to finally unlocking her powers, Honoka finds she might have gotten more than she can handle. ——————— WARNING: this is a work of erotic fiction and intended for adults. Themes include a monster girl lesbian harem, futa/female couplings, LitRPG/GameLit elements and lots of female growth (BE, FMG, GTS, etc). Seriously, this is not a run-of-the-mill harem novel: THERE IS A LOT OF SEX AND FETISH GROWTH/TRANSFORMATION!! The story contains some traumatic content.


“Girls, I…aaah!…don't know what's…ooooooo!…going on.” In a matter of only a few seconds, Banda’s already immense boulders expanding outward around fifty percent in size, her skin quivering as it bloated visibly while everyone watched. A panicking Banda held them up as if trying to keep them from growing, but not even her massive thews were able to stop it. A loud stretching sound, like gripping a steering wheel too tightly, exploded in the stall as a burst of growth happened. In another ten seconds, their size doubled again and the expansion only grew faster. When they reached that size, as if a faucet spun open, Banda’s teats - which also swelled and looked like water balloons about to pop - gushed out high pressured cream and soaked everyone there as Banda groaned in orgasmic relief. The experienced matron took over, snapping out orders while she rushed forward to stuff growing nipples into idle pumps. “Lift her out of the chair and above those tits, don't want her to suffocate if they grow any larger!” The wives complied, barely able to tip the nearly insensate woman forward with some sloshing as her boobs continued to inflate with milk. In less than a minute, her breasts were each larger than Banda’s whole body, pushing the pumps off completely as her nipples outgrew the apparatuses and a flood of milk doused the increasingly smaller stall. “What is happening?!” Honoka asked, looking for answers from Cholena as they all fled out of the stall. “How much does a holstaur usually produce a day?” “Around thirty gallons or more, depends on the girl,” Cholena muttered, eying the flood already arching over the stall walls and splashing all around them. “Not this much, though.” “Um, Banda said holstaur breasts grew if they haven't been milked in a while,” Eve pointed out, mesmerized by the taut pink breasts growing to the point of pushing against the flimsy walls of the stall. “Status things sometimes act weird, so hasn't it been over five years since Banda’s been milked?” “Sweet Christmas!” Diane pulled out her phone, wiping some droplets off the screen in futility as the entire area now rained milk. “Five years times three hundred and sixty-five days times thirty…55,000 gallons!” “Minimum. It might be as much as 100k. Holstaurs can produce a lot of milk. Idiotic Status douchebaggery!” Decisively, the matron pulled out her phone and tapped it a few times, causing an air raid siren to wail outside. A few more taps and a PA system cracked to life and the older woman spoke into her phone to the entire building. “Emergency, immediate evacuation of Dairy One. Repeat, everyone drop everything and haul herd out of here. David, move your team over to stall 37G in quadrant four. Bring as many pumps as your guys can carry.”

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Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Self


Language: English

Pages: 573

Interior: BW

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I'm an erotica author, my books deal with harems, monster girls, futanari, breast expansion, female muscle growth and other growing kinks. I live in the USA and am happily married.

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