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His Little Wife




Genres: Fantasy

Book Type:Digital

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Blurb : Due to cancer of her father, Twaine Isabelle Montenegro married early to the son of her Dad's best friend, Adrian Kyle Mendez. At the age of eighteen, Twaine was completely tied to the man she didn’t love. They're life was almost perfect and happy, even though they're like dogs and cats at home. Life is full of surprises. Where everything is in order, that's where the troubles will come. What Kyle did broke Twaine's heart. She felt, he was alone. Because of this and wanting to forget, she decided to go to Canada. She continues her studies at the University of Toronto. Her life abroad has not been easy, even if she repeatedly preaches to herself to forget the man who hurt her, it is still hard for her to forget it. In the midst of her grief, Clyde was there beside her. Clyde was her childhood friend. In this case, no matter how hard they try to avoid each other, destiny itself has made a way for them to reunite and continue the love that was once broken. His Little Wife novel is a romance story about Twaine Isabelle Montenegro and Adrian Kyle Mendez. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel and keep track of the latest chapters


Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. — "Twaine! Hey, Twaine!" I woke up to a seventeen-year-old girl sleeping softly in my bedroom. "Hmmm. What the hell!" It was obvious in her voice that she was not yet in the mood to get up. "That's bad! Get up there." I told her again as I dried my hair. I just finished taking a bath and this bitch is still asleep. "I don't want to go to school!" She said lazily. "Who told you not to come to school, huh?" I asked her annoyed. "Just myself." She answered. "Twaine!" I shouted at her. This kid pisses me off. "Yes! My brother, I will get up!" She said and glared at me. "Stop calling me brother, I'm your husband, not your brother." She knows how to annoys me. "But you're 5 years older than me!" She reasoned out. "So, what?" Because of annoyance, so I climbed on the bed and I brought my face close to hers. "Call me brother again and I will kiss you." I threaten her. "Fine, I will not call you brother again—so you can leave there on top of me, Sir Kyle?" Because she called me sir so I started to apply my lips to her lips. I started to kiss her. I was happy to see her close her eyes and she also responded to my kisses. Before we even headed to where I had already cut off our kiss. "Get up and prepare yourself before we get caught up in school," I told her pretending that nothing happened. "Why did you kiss me?" She was still complaining. "All right, take a bath and get dressed." She burst out of my room and went to her room. "So, childish." I just whispered. We're married but we didn't sleep in one bed. We have our bed. Last night she slept here because she was afraid of thunder and lightning. So I let her sleep on my bed while I was on the sofa. I'm a professor at Hartfeld University that's why I decided to enroll Twaine in Hartfeld so that I can watch over her. We are married but only our parents know. That's why we have to be careful at school. How did we become husband and wife—and why? — The answer will be found out in the following chapters so stay put and wait for the updates.

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