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Beyond Circumstances




Genres: Romance



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Zak Tifour loathes violence, and who could blame him? Two years ago, it destroyed him. It’s one thing to witness death, yet another to be responsible for the carnage. To survive, he hides in a small town, but when an attractive doctor veers off the road, his self-imposed exile is threatened. Though drawn to the woman’s generous heart, Zak is terrified his darkness will engulf her light. Lexie Draden knows sacrifice. She has dedicated her life to medicine. But no matter how skillful she is, it’s impossible to save everyone. As a surgeon, she accepts this brutal truth—until it becomes personal. Relocating is tough, but when she stumbles into the arms of a handsome stranger who doesn’t pry into her history, life takes a turn for the better. The only downside, the man’s past may be worse than hers. Will their secrets and broken promises destroy their budding romance, or will love heal their damaged souls?


The room remained dark, the velvet curtains crushing out the sunlight. Zak shifted and tapped his phone—six a.m. In five hours, he’d be midair, halfway to New York. “I’ve got to go,” he whispered. Lexie wriggled, pulling the covers over her shoulder. He laid his hand across her thigh. “Hey, beautiful.” Disturbing her from a peaceful slumber, he’d say goodbye. “Huh?” “I’m getting up.” She peeked through the slits of her tired eyes. “Where you’re going?” “Home. I have to pack. My flight is in a few hours.” He ran his thumb over her cheek. “Believe me, I’d rather not go.” “Then stay.” ' “I can’t sleep.” She eased her hands between his legs. “Then don’t.” He lifted himself over her body. To the hell with folding clothes. He’d toss them into the suitcase and deal with the wrinkles when he unpacked. Another thirty minutes—forty tops—and he’d leave. When she rolled off of him an hour later, he cursed the evil men of the world. Their timing sucked. “You better go,” she whispered. He pulled her next to his chest. “I’ll miss you.” “Good. You’ll hurry back then.” He kissed her one last time and sat up. She grabbed his hand. “Hey, when you get to New York, call me.” Spoken enough lies, he nodded.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781509244256

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Language: English (United States)

Pages: 338

Interior: Color

Keywords: , , , ,


Gloria Joynt-Lang is a contemporary romance author. Before she started writing, she worked in the criminal justice system—technically spending time behind bars. As a Canadian, she’s fanatic about hockey, poutine, and apologizing. She currently resides in rural Alberta with her husband and their two dogs.

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