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The Newlyweds




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Married to the most powerful man in Beicheng, as the envious lady, Shen Qi's life went smoothly since then, thinking that this marriage was just getting what everyone needed. But she lost her heart...


In a dark room, Shen Qi was lying alone on a big soft bed, barely covered under the quilt. Tonight was her wedding night with the Ye Family’s Second Young Master. However, there were no weddings nor banquets; there was only the rear view of a middle-aged man in a wheelchair and his unkind words—wash her clean and send her to my bed. I want to inspect her. Inspect her… To him, she was just a commodity for their mutually beneficial exchange. Suddenly, the door opened, and Shen Qi’s entire body tensed up as she grabbed the quilt tightly. Rumor had it that the Second Young Master of the Ye Family was a hideous man with a violent temper. It was said that after he turned impotent due to his disability, he had been moodier than ever. There were even rumors that he had jinxed his five ex-wives to death. Thus, no one in the city, even those who were eyeing the wealth of the Ye Family, dared to marry off their daughters to him. However, the Shen Family was an exception. The Shen Family was in a dire financial state because their company’s source of capital had been cut off, and they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Her father’s decision to take up a loan from high-interest loan sharks had plunged the group and the Shen Family into greater crisis. Debt collectors showed up one after another and viciously threatened to kill them. It was at that time, their savior—the Ye Family—appeared. Her parents were reluctant to sacrifice her innocent younger sister, so in turn, they sent her, who was a divorcee, to them. Guilt-tripped by her father’s pleas, Shen Qi came here in her sister’s stead to marry the terrible Second Young Master of the Ye Family. As the sounds of the wheelchair moving across the floor got louder, Shen Qi held her breath nervously. Through the darkness, she could see a figure coming closer and closer to her… The quilt was suddenly lifted, and then a giant hand started stroking her body. His hands were just like him—rough and cold. “Ah!” Shen Qi couldn’t help but scream. Soon after that, she heard a sneer, followed by a man asking in a low voice, “Are you afraid?” Meanwhile, the hands didn’t stop caressing her. The slender fingers descended all the way from her cheeks, across her thin neck and her delicate collarbone, before heading to the direction of her infinitely alluring bosoms.

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