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This a book of poetry and bible verses that were written to empower and encourage you on a daily basis.


A Beautiful Mess If I am walking down the street would you even recognize me? "No" you say. I wonder why? Could it be because I do not understand myself yet? As I am walking around the city among the crowds and noise, I feel lost. My footprint is the only evidence showing I am here. Each of us are so unique, our hair is numbered by The Master Creator Himself. We are one of a kind, a limited edition you might say. We each make a unique footprint on this earth. I need time to create, or better yet, get to know myself before I can expect someone else to know me. If you passed me on the street, would you even know me? Do I even matter? I am a beautiful mess. We go into the world to find beauty only to fail ourselves because we pass by without seeing our own. My journey is shaped uniquely to fit me. Does anyone know me? It is a puzzling road I am on. So how can we expect someone else to know who we are when we remain a a mystery to ourselves? I am fragile and unique like a jewel, one of a kind. I have been molded and shaped by The Master's Hand. Each footstep I take reveals the secrets and mysteries of me and brings me one step closer to understanding myself. I am flawed, scarred and a beautiful mess. If you passed me on the sidewalk, would you even know me? I walk beside you everyday. Do you even notice me? We can walk away from each other but not ourselves as it is impossible to abandon yourself. Let's leave our messy life in The Master's Hand for Him to mold and shape. Do you know me? The Master Creator does. Do you know each other? Let Him reveal our life story. With the help of The Master's Hand, our messy lives could turn into a beautiful surprise. I can hardly wait for it: can you? We are no longer lost or alone if we are in The Master's Hand. Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story... -- Psalm 107;2( NIV)

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781098095406

ISBN-10: 1098095405

Edition: 1

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 106

Keywords: , , ,


I am a Christian inspirational poet. I have an encouraging heart. I want to leave people better than when I found them.

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