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Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead




Genres: Nonfiction, Paranormal, Religion & Spirituality

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Hi, I'm John Russell. I'm a professional psychic and medium with 50 years expertise and a worldwide clientele. As a paranormal investigator/researcher I've experienced way over 1,000 physical supernatural manifestations, some of which are documented on film and audio. For over 15 years I've been a featured guest on many popular radio shows, with 6 appearances to date on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and I filmed a TV pilot for The History Channel in which I psychically explored the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Interviewed over 100 times in the past year and a half I continue to be a featured guest on many popular podcasts in the United States including appearances on prominent broadcasts in the UK. And I've been an avid motorcyclist for over 50 years. Now, as the award-winning, best-selling author of the nonfiction book Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead, I'll bring you along with me on a magical ride as I travel thousands of miles off the beaten path to explore the paranormal from the seat of a motorcycle. Imagine if everywhere you roamed ghosts, angels, and the spirits of the dead came to greet you, communicating intriguing messages to you and providing you with an incredible array of otherworldly manifestations. Imagine...making a phone call to a ghost. Encountering—and having interactions with—multiple UFOs. Ride along with me as I experience mystical weather events that are so bizarre that it makes me wonder if storms are controlled by intelligent entities, or if the tempests themselves may be cognizant. Join me as I ride to a historic Civil War battlefield and share in my amazement when I'm treated to one of the most authentic battle reenactments possible...conducted by the phantoms of the soldiers who fought there. How about a day's ride filled with mind-blowing supernatural interactions instigated by the intelligences behind crop circles. Hike with me as I experience a lifesaving encounter with a ghostly owl and a Native American Indian Spirit in a haunted forest. And then let's enjoy a day's ride from my home base in Florida to Georgia, ultimately arriving at Savannah's famed Bonaventure Cemetery for a revealing paranormal investigation that left me astounded at the words that a spirit voice spoke to me. You don't have to be interested in motorcycles to delight in these stories. And, these thought-provoking recollections of true experiences offer inspiration and entertainment for believers and non-believers alike: You don't need to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story. Come along for the ride! Buy your copy today.


Chapter I – Funereal Aethereal While my wife and I were enjoying life in upstate New York I was contacted by multiple award-winning producer Jim Mullen–who at the time was working for Atlas Media in New York City–to shoot a TV pilot for The History Channel. The pilot episode focused on my psychic investigation into the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the subsequent search for his notorious killer, John Wilkes Booth. While all of us–me, Jim, and the crew–considered the pilot to be a smashing success, there was one thing that I couldn’t satisfactorily obtain either psychically or through normal channels: the knowledge of the whereabouts of Lincoln’s funeral hearse. It became an obsession with me, and I couldn’t figure out why. I asked Jim about the hearse; he didn’t know. I think I may have asked a few other people; they didn’t know either. At the time that frustrated me immensely: For some oddball reason finding out the then current whereabouts of Lincoln’s funeral hearse became a preoccupation with me. Over the years I’ve learned that most of the time when I begin to experience something like that I eventually realize, at some point, that I’m obsessing about something because the Other Side wants me to: the obsession, if properly followed up on and explored, will lead to further revelations or information that is useful either for me, my clients, or both. But while filming the pilot I ran up against a dead end regarding the hearse and as time went by I began to think less and less about it, although it would periodically reenter my mind. Psychically, for me, it remained a loose end. I had wanted to find that hearse! I had wanted to stand before it and allow its energies to flow into me, to receive the impressions from Lincoln’s funeral procession. For me it felt like it would have been a vital part of my psychic investigation, one more piece of the puzzle falling into place. But alas it was not to be; we wrapped up filming without ever learning the whereabouts of the hearse. Well, maybe some things aren’t meant to be. Years later, a thousand miles away, and one new motorcycle...

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781977233288

ISBN-10: 1977233287

Edition: 1

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Language: English

Interior: BW

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John Russell has been a professional psychic for 50 years Internationally known, he has provided psychic readings for clients in over 40 countries. John filmed a TV pilot for The History Channel in which he psychically explored the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. For over 15 years he has been a popular featured guest, heard worldwide, on many radio shows and podcasts. Over the last year and a half John has been interviewed over 100 times, including appearances on: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory — The Unexplained with Howard Hughes (UK) — FATE Magazine Radio with Kat Hobson — Beyond Reality with JV Johnson — Darkness Radio with Tim Dennis — Shifting the Paradigm with Cristina Gomez — The Unidentified Celebrity Review with Luis Jimenez; and many more. John has 2 books in print available at all major booksellers online: "Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead," and "A Knock in the Attic." A third book, "20 Ways to Increase Your Psychic Abilities," will be available in the fall of 2022 "John Russell's Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead is an incredible supernatural journey that will mesmerize your soul." — Uri Geller "John's books provide a unique perspective on the psychic and paranormal realms. Fans of true ghost stories will be entertained by accounts ranging from UFO encounters to Guardian Angel guidance that proved to be life-saving." — George Noory, Coast to Coast AM "Well written! Easy reading. Fascinating lessons—listen to your intuition and lots of adventures are awaiting you." — Phyllis Galde, Publisher, FATE magazine "In 20 Ways to Increase Your Psychic Abilities, John offers guidance for any who look to broaden their spectrum of understanding. John presents a straightforward and eye-opening approach to unleashing your psychic potential. As he says, ' all things, practice and consistency is key.'" — JV Johnson

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