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Soccer Moms Are the Best: True Stories From My Life




Genres: Erotica


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True stories from my life. I have been a soccer coach for a long time, now on older days as I sit here look back upon everything I come to think about how much I actually experienced. On the field, off the field. In the bedrooms. Soccer moms are a hot breed, they tend to express their gratitude for my job a little more than others do. And I wasn't saying no. Not at all, I took what I got and it was plenty. I am not going to bother you with a lot of side details, I am going to the good stuff straight away, telling you how the first time happened and what we did. In the bed, in the backseats and other fun places. These are just a few selected stories I am trying to tell, unfortunately I get so excited when I think about the moms and what we did together so when I write I might get a little wrong on the typing. Enjoy, and if it goes well I might be able to tell you more true stories.

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ISBN-13: 9781005733094

Publisher: WritingsForTheMuse


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A group of weird people who get together and write everything between extremely naughty taboo to the sweetest erotica. It can be prose, explicit, graphic or just pure hints. It all depends on who's penned the story. Follow us and get to know us. We have a tendency to be overly social and drunk :-) Hope you don't mind!

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