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The 2nd Mrs. T Trilogy: Including A Bonus Scene: Double Parking With Mrs. T




Genres: Erotica


eBook Options:.epub

Refunds Allowed:No

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The complete 2nd trilogy of my sexcapades with Mrs. T and her journey towards sexual bliss. This time around we expand the limitations and borders that she thought she had. There is no ending to the acts we make her try and put her through. From a handjob in in the cinema, to a glory hole on the way home, dogging and taking it everywhere to being punished with a tassel and a flogger, Mrs. T kept us trying new things. Includes a bonus scene about what happened when she was bringing me back to the airport the day I was going home. Double Parking with Mrs. T.

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File Size: 1.31 MB (.epub)

ISBN-13: 9781005457648

Publisher: WritingsForTheMuse


Language: English

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Refunds: No

A group of weird people who get together and write everything between extremely naughty taboo to the sweetest erotica. It can be prose, explicit, graphic or just pure hints. It all depends on who's penned the story. Follow us and get to know us. We have a tendency to be overly social and drunk :-) Hope you don't mind!

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