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Bound in Nexum




Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Romance



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Sarah was overwhelmed with debt and felt her self slipping deeper every day until she is given a shocking proposal by the charming man she has long admired from afar. Richard would pay her debt. In fact he would pay her enough that she wouldn't have to worry about money any more. In return, he wants complete ownership of her. What she wears, what she eats, where she sleeps, and what they do in the bedroom. Through new laws that accompanied the legalization of sex work, she would be bound to him by a contract that would be the first of its kind. It was called "Nexum"


“Sarah, I’m afraid you have had some poor experiences. One-night stands with kinky tourists. Not good dynamics. Pardon me if I am being too frank.” Sarah gulped hard; she could hear her heart thrumming. Her chest felt warm and she thought she would shake the coffee out of her cup if she lifted it. “Dynamics?” she asked and tried to hide the deep breath she took. “Twenty-four seven dynamics.” He said. “I have taken complete control, not just for a few hours, but all day, every day.” Before she knew she had done it, Sarah had thrust her hips forward slightly and bit her lower lip. She forced herself to pick up and sip her coffee, before replying. “Wow, that’s, uh…. That's a lot of control” she said. She didn’t know if she wanted to get away or hear more. She was already more turned on than she felt was appropriate. Richard looked straight back into her eyes. “That’s an offer Sarah.” “Excuse me?!” She stammered. “You said that giving up control wouldn’t solve your problems. I say otherwise.” He pulled out a pen and pulled a napkin. “There is an ancient Roman term ‘Nexum’. A person signs themselves over as property to their debtor and provides services until the debt is paid. I am offering a better solution. Not just paid debts, but enough surplus to get you a real start on your career.” He scribbled some figures on the napkin. 24 x 365 x 5 = 43800 x 11 = 481,800 + 518200 = 1,000,000 -debt = profit. She looked at the numbers not understanding. “What does this mean?” she finally asked. Richard pointed to each number as he spoke. “You sign yourself and all your possessions to me under Nexum. You become mine, twenty-four hours a day, for the next five years. That will be 43,800 hours, for which I will pay you $11 an hour. Earning you $481,800.” Sarah just staggered “What?” “Wait” Richard continued. “I will pay off all your debts, as soon as you sign, you will only be legally obligated to me for the time it takes to pay off those debts”. “At $11 an hour” she finished for him. “The rate is generous; you would also have no expenses while you were with me. Every penny would go to your debt and then into an account created for you. The legalization of sex work has opened new opportunities.” “Five years?” Sarah asked. “Oh, you could leave any time you like.” Richard smiled. “At $11 an hour, your debt would be paid in less than a year, I’m sure.” Sarah looked down at the napkin. The ‘x5” was looking back at her. “But, five years?” She asked. “If you remain in my service for five years, not only will you be owed almost half a million dollars, but I will add a bonus of another half million.” He cradled the cup in his hands. “Give up control, to me, and all your problems go away Sarah.”

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798409250218

Edition: 1

Publisher: Dark Fantasy Press


Language: English

Pages: 45

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


We are just a kinky couple who like to write. Kinky Books? Genderswap stories? Maledom Stories? BDSM Blogging? Embrace your Dark Fantasies

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