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A Broken Alpha




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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*Completed. BxB * Trigger warning ️ this book contains bad language, abuse, sexual assault, suicide attempt,smut, very detailed sex scenes. This is mostly a bxb/male on male book.An alpha in a wheelchair, a second chance mate who was beaten and sexually assaulted.Thaddeus is one of the strongest and most powerful alphas around. He is fearless and one of the most feared alpha's, no one dares to cross him.While helping a neighboring pack that was being attacked by rogues he was stabbed in the back with a silver knife dipped in wolfsbane. It left him unable to walk and confine to a wheelchair. Although no one can explain it his wolf side was completely unaffected and has full use of all four legs. His wolf is the largest and strongest wolf around. His strength is unmatched, he is ruthless to anyone who crosses him. While out of town one year at an alpha convention he met his mate. But his mate was angered and disgusted to find out that he was mated to a male and he was in a wheelchair. After taking his anger out on him he rejected him.Thaddeus was heartbroken. Believed a mate was a gift from the moon goddess, to be loved & cherished. The other half of your soul made specially for you so gender was irrelevant. Six years later he has not found his second chance mate, believed he wasn't going to get one. That no one would want him anyways the way he was.What happens when he finds his second Chance meet unconscious and severely beaten on the brink of death. Thaddeus is an alpha with a broken body and a broken heart. He is a broken alpha.Aiden has never known love, just darkness, pain and abuse.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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