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The Blood Alpha’s Mate


Book Type: Digital


Born to the leaders of a powerful coven, Elly was born with an important destiny. But when her parents are betrayed by their own coven they discover the great destiny that was in store for their beloved child is to be a sacrifice. Instead, they give their lives to keep her safe and entrust their only child with people they hope will protect her. Instead, they keep her hidden and use her for every drop of magic she can produce. Elly spends her life on the run and in hiding. Her magic tells her she needs to find someone or something. But what? When she runs out of places to hide she gets stuck between the family that has spent her life abusing her for her powers, the coven of witches that want to sacrifice her in order to attain power and enslave the creatures around them, and the creatures that want her dead to stop that from happening. After his father made a foolish deal with a coven of witches, Rowan was left to clean up the mess. They gave the pack the power to win a bloody war at the cost of the pack’s freedom and Rowan’s future mate. Now must find a way to free his people from being the witches’ slaves and save his future mate.

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Book Type: Digital


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