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Kashvi chooses to escape from her house secretly because she can’t stand the suffocating atmosphere among her families. She loves her elder brother but she doesn’t hope him to treat her step-sister in that way. However, she can’t change anyone and help them to have a happy life. Therefore she has to leave them for another place and pretend to attend a friend’s wedding in another state. On the way to a new place, she meets a little boy who can’t find his parents. Seeing him crying so sadly, she decides to help him. There is a card on his chest and a number of his parent is written on it, she dials the number and plans to tell his parents to pick him up. However, a man said that he is stuck with heavy work and tells her to sent the boy to his office in a cold voice. Kind Kashvi falls into a horrible trap designed by this man……More details are in Captive

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