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President Macdonald's Billionaire Bride




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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"Get off me! I give up your reward of fifty million." "It's too late. You agreed to save me." "I said yes but I didn't mean to save you this way. Ouch, it hurts!" Annabel saved a big shot with kindness, but he tortured her in bed for the whole night. It was Stefan, the boss behind the Empire Group! The night before, Stefan was drugged by someone who wanted to marry him and he ran into Annabel and begged her to save him. He promised to give her fifty million or marry her as a reward. After losing her virginity, Annabel refused two options, but she changed her mind after four hours as her mother was bullied by others. Only money and a noble status could make people look up to her. So she called Stefan. "Have you made up your mind? Fifty million, or be my wife. You choose one." "Can't I have both?"

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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