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Reclaiming My Ex-Wife




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Molly Sanders, an ambitious and independent woman, had been in love with Lance since she was a child. She had always wanted to be his wife, but Lance had never shown any interest in her. Molly was overjoyed when the elders of the family arranged their marriage and assumed Lance would start liking her soon. Everything began to fall apart when she realized he only had one woman in his heart. She was devastated and sought a divorce. When they finally parted ways, Lance approached her and asked her to return to him. Molly, who was already tired of his arrogance and domineering attitude, didn't want to keep in touch with him. But how could she ignore him when he was so determined to reclaim her? Could Molly ever forgive him for his past actions and take him back? Or will they stay apart forever?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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