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Assassin's Daughter




Genres: Romance, Suspense

Book Type:Digital

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Iris “Prisoner……. Captive….. Slave…..” Those are little words when it comes down to me. My teenage was almost gone and when I saw myself standing in my adulthood, I realized I lost so many things including myself. Because I was his prisoner. I was Bratva’s captive and he left no stone unturned to teach me who is the owner of my life. “Regret?” “I regret the day when I stepped in his mansion blinded by vengeance. And he showed no mercy. I regret my impulsive decision and many more. But above all, I regret being the puppet of his hand.” Dimitrios “I don't have the word mercy in my rule book.” “But she is a kid.” “Doesn't matter. What matters is, she is an assassin's daughter and his father is not alive to pay for his deeds.” Copyright © 2021-2022 by Irene Davison (Esperanza)

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Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Goodnovel & Booknet


Language: English

Interior: BW

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