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Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Can anyone believe that a slave can become the future Queen in the kingdom of Mubana that their culture forbids a prince from marrying a slave or a low-born person? Surprisingly the crown prince was given a prophecy that his future wife shall be from a slave. Prince Alfred hates slaves and despises them because a slave once betrayed him and his people in the past. It made him furious. He grows his hatred for every female slave coming his way. After hearing the prophecy, he promises himself to kill the slave that this prophecy is referring to. Meet Bianca, the princess of the Kpata Kingdom who was treated like a slave by her step-mother Queen Zuka who later sold her to death out of hatred and jealousy. Bianca has a supernatural power to heal sickness and to see vision about the future except her own. Find out in the engaging story whether the prince with a cruel heart can mary a slave against their culture and break the prophecy? Find out how Bianca became THE SLAVE PRINCESS and how her life will take a new phase in the world of slavery. Grab your popcorn as we travel into a new adventure. You are going to love it. Read on, please.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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