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In the End




Genres: Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance

5 / 5 (1 rating)

1 review

Book Type:Print & Digital

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In 1919, a sudden tragedy tears Betsy's family apart. Her childhood and life, and that of her siblings, will change irrevocably. Betsy grows up in the years between the two wars. During this time of hardship, she faces many struggles and losses. Will she develop the strength and determination to find her own way in life? Will things work out In the End?


There was nothing notably different about that bleak and gloomy day back in December 1919; nothing to warn me or prepare me for what was about to change my life forever. Yet my most vivid memories will always be attached to that winter, and every minute detail would stay with me, forever embedded in my mind.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781912677436

ISBN-10: 1912677431

Edition: 1

Publisher: Purple Parrot Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 308

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Donna H Duhig is a writer of historical fiction and her debut novel, IN THE END, was released worldwide on 1st July 2020. Donna has a combined degree in English Literature and Drama with Theatre Studies, but spent the early years of her career working in accounts. From an early age Donna has been writing stories and the decision to pursue her lifelong ambition was made in 2018 when she began the research for her first novel. With a love of history, the idea for IN THE END came to her easily, and within a year the first draft was completed and six months from then a contract with Purple Parrot Publishing was signed. Since being published her work has received great reviews and positive feedback, and she is currently writing her second novel, WHO WE ARE.

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5 / 5 (1 rating)


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Completely absorbing novel


Reviewed On:

Ok, first off I have to admit a slight bias - I am the publisher. BUT, from the off I loved this book and the way it's written. It is so descriptive that you live every moment with the characters. The book follows the life of Betsy Colborne from early childhood to womanhood and motherhood. We see her go through early loss; school life and all that can accompany that; moving into employment and how class can highlight people's flaws; her first loves and the confusion and hurt that can...

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