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The Flavorazi Stopovers. Stopover 1, South Africa




Genres: Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Literature & Fiction, Travel & Leisure

Book Type:Digital

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This is the story of two almost geriatric adventurers and their Cat with a French Passport currently roaming the Southern tip of Africa. With ups, downs, mishaps, and adventure, they live a full and interesting life. Warning: There may be lots of chardonnay involved. Sometimes life is just not meant to be taken too seriously!

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9781005554163

Edition: 1


Language: English

Interior: Color



Ann Olivier is a former academic and CEO. Ann currently lives in South Africa with her husband and cat with a French Passport. Her favorite pastime is travel. Travel, great food & wine, storytelling, and adventure have been part of parcel of who she is for eons. Ann has been a digital nomad long before the name appeared in an urban dictionary. If you want to know when Ann’s next short story will be published, please visit, where you can sign up to receive an email when she has a new release and be sent a recipe card at the same time.

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