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Smartphone Marketing




Genres: Business & Money

Book Type:Digital

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STOP! Don't quit! I have something better for you! Sell your brain today with your smartphone! Are you ready to monetize your brain with your smartphone?😁 I know you are! I have an ebook for you (+2347057785083) Here are a few things you will learn from my Smartphone Marketing ebook: ➡️1. The truth about making money you don't know about your smartphone. ➡️2. How to package, deliver and Monetize the value you know from your smartphone ➡️3. The 3-part value Delivery Strategy ➡️4. How to start your business from your smartphone. ➡️5. Money is not the most important thing when you want to start your business, you need a smartphone ➡️6. How to Monetize your brain with your WhatsApp ➡️7. Tools you have in your smartphone for easy Content creation And much more (as you can see, this ebook is overloaded for you) The mathematics is simple: your brain + value + this ebook = money I held a training on Smartphone Marketing and the feedbacks were totally amazing. You can check the feedbacks here⬇️ If you missed the class, you are in luck. This book covered the class and so much more.💃💃💃💃 In this book, I’m going to tell you things you won’t hear anywhere else about monetizing your brain with your smartphone.🤗🤗 The methods I divulged in the pages of this ebook will completely blow your mind. The truths I revealed in this ebook about your smartphone are truer than anything else you’ve likely ever been taught about monetizing your smartphone including your monetizing your brain with your WhatsApp. Above all, these truths are what helped me from zero to becoming a value delivery brand today. What you’ll discover in this book is going to change everything for you, and especially the way you think about your smartphone and making money.

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Book Type: Digital


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