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Such Unfortunates




Genres: Biographies & Memoirs


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"One of the best Drug Addiction books of all time" - BookAuthority Each year, more Americans die of drug abuse than the total of those who perished during the Vietnam War. This is the true story of an addict who was able to overcome his addiction against all odds. Andrew's life began in an upper-class town of Moorestown, New Jersey. His family had a million-dollar beach house, he attended college and even had the rare opportunity of driving a Ferrari around South Florida. His life seemed normal on the outside, but the internal turmoil he was experiencing was a horrific ordeal. Behind what seemed like an idyllic life was a nightmare of abuse, mental illness, and torment that no child should ever face. This led Andrew to suffer from pain, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Searching for relief, he found solace in drugs and became quickly addicted to anything that would change the way he felt. His addiction to drugs took him to such extremes as working for the DEA while being high on drugs, multiple rehabs, jails, becoming homeless, and even to the point of being considered dead. When all hope was lost, people he considers "angels" entered his life. One person, in particular, refused to give up on him even when everyone told her this was the best option. Through her determination, he was able to find the strength to look inside and find the real reasons for his addiction. Once he understood these reasons, he was finally able to figure out how to stay clean and successfully turned his life around. This book will give hope to anyone who is suffering from addiction or knows someone who is facing the adversity of addiction. It will show them why they should never give up and how working together, we can beat this opiate epidemic.

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ISBN-13: 9781070417912

ISBN-10: 1070417912

Publisher: Andrew Mann


Language: English

Pages: 446

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