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A Maze of Miracles & Madness is a candid collection of Joseph's memoirs, seated alongside relevant and captivating historical narratives. With anecdotes of his life as a Christian, a "military brat", a soldier mechanic, the recipient of an acquired brain injury, years as a university undergraduate and graduate student, time spent lost in the shadows of the gothic subculture, and then renewed as a Christian missionary student; Joseph will guide you through the maze of miracles, and times of madness he's experienced, encountered and endured throughout his first twenty-five years. It's been an exciting journey. Above all, Joseph's short life epitomises that no matter how deep the traumas or mistakes we may suffer or commit by accident or choice, the love and grace of Jesus Christ is the free and eternal cure.


•"Take a moment to think about your own life; how much have you chosen to recall or forget? Are there missing, broken, or duplicate pieces of the puzzle?" •"As we see the comings and goings of the world, our human brains must reject useless details and hold onto anything of either short or long-term value." •"He was also wrongly implicated in the murder of a Jewish man, the suspected murderer was Roy Farran, ex-Tank Corps, and ex-SAS. Pop was picked out three times in identity line ups." •"Between the years 1900 and 1925, as passenger and trading ships imported wave after wave of infections, there were 12 major plague outbreaks in Australia." •"Very low on Friday, nearly croaked again, apparently life saved by Bek and Heidi being present when his breathing tube clogged." •"In reality, Necromancy is the most dangerous of the black arts. By summoning spirits through spells and rituals, Necromancers communicate with the dead. No association with necromancy is innocent." •Looking inward, most of us resent it when our deeply felt complexity is denied. We take offence when we're judged by those who don’t know us well or at all. •By looking back through the twists and turns, pitfalls, dead-ends, wrong turns, and shortcuts, it’s clear that God's always had my best interests at heart.

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Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 108

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


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