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The Dream From Dust: A Memoir of Triumph




Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, History, Nonfiction


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Book Type:Print & Digital

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The Dream From Dust is an inspirational memoir of triumph against all odds. It is the story of Lukonge. M. Achilees, a professional social worker, economist, and IT expert from Uganda, who rose from a challenging background of searing accounts of famine, poverty, diseases, bullying, alcoholism, and war. His book is a passionate and vivid account of what should’ve been an idyllic childhood becoming a nightmare written with tremendous dignity and precision, and expressed with vivid pain, anger, and sorrow.


Firstly, this book is exquisite in an emotional aspect, it’s easy for the readers to connect to the depth of the message thanks to the author’s transparency, which cannot be denied. For example, he writes, “Don‘t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don‘t even try,” “You may not change the world but you can change the world for one person by giving them your time without the expectation of compensation or notoriety,” and “I wish things had been easier, but I don’t know who I’d have become without the hurt.” There’s truth and intentionality in his sentences. Secondly, there are constant opportunities to reflect on life, reminders to be grateful and empathetic to others. On page 28, Achilees is describing his childhood house with the following words: “[home] had no electricity, no running water, no climate control, no luxuries or amenities.” In addition, regardless of the issues his family and himself went through, he is respectful and prideless towards others, a real sign for a service-minded person. Thirdly, this story is inspirational, especially for young adults, who are seeking the meaning of life and the reason they are placed on Earth. The different obstacles Lukonge. M. Achilees overcame did not stop him from fulfilling his dreams and acting upon his call in life, those that could’ve been easily considered as keys for failure and discouraging and unchangeable circumstances turn out to be his greatest glory: his testimony. As he expresses on page 33, “Seems like regardless of what or who you plan to be, life is going to shape you into whom you‘re supposed to be.” We are created on purpose and with a purpose, and that is unmoveable.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English (United Kingdom)

Pages: 470

Interior: BW

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Author of several selling books, "The Dream From Dust" A Memoir of Triumph Against all odds, "A Breath of Life and Hope of Light" From Blurred Light from West Series Book I and A Parenting book "Make Me Understand about Family, Parenting and Health

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