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Mastering the Wolf




Genres: Nonfiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Mastering the Wolf is a history of policing and law enforcement over the last 40-plus years in the UK and beyond. In an engaging, gritty, and authentically moving memoir, with a career in public service that spans the Army, Northern Ireland, the effect and fall out of the Miners’ Strike, a public order unit, undercover policing, domestic violence, child protection, management and a spell in post war Iraq, this book is a roller-coaster of a ride.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-10: 1913770389

Publisher: Book Brilliance Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 370

Interior: BW

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Now retired from public service, he runs his own business. Colin has travelled widely in his professional capacity, imparting his skills and knowledge, even volunteering for a spell in post-war Iraq. A father, stepfather, and grandfather, he has had numerous personal and professional challenges to contend with over the years. Colin is the first to admit he has a stubborn side, something he believes is inherited from his father and has turned this trait into a positive focus and perseverance towards achieving his goals He has been variously described as a people person, tenacious and well-motivated. His passion to investigate, risk manage, protect vulnerable businesses and push back against unfairness is testament to the work he does to this day via his company Intelect.

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