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I grew up in the city of Detroit and was taught that my heritage and strong family values were important. Every year, our birthdays were a cherished event within the family – especially when it was dad’s special day – we always celebrated his with great fanfare, a special family dinner and dessert. However, on February 27, 1970, my dad’s birthday, that annual tradition was broken when I was forced into a situation beyond my control. I had to leave home and the family gave me an emotional send-off, but the thought and possibility of my never returning devastated them. This short story follows me on this one special day. Thousands of young men preceded me on this path, and tens of thousands never made it home. Find out where I was heading and why I had to go.

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John served in Vietnam during 1970 and 1971 as an infantryman with both the Wolfhounds of the 25th Division and the 501st Infantry Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, two Air Medals, and a Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He has spent the years since Vietnam working in various management positions within the automotive industry and has recently received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. John is a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 154 and lives with his wife, Janice, in Sterling Heights, Michigan. They own a 1997 Harley Davidson Heritage and are both members of the Great Lakes Chapter of South East Michigan Harley Owner’s Group. Both retired in 2013 and enjoy not working anymore. John has authored and published six books.

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A close family touched by war in Europe sees their 17-year old son drafted to Vietnam


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What was it like at 17-years old in Detroit, Michigan in 1970, part of a warm, close family, holding down a job and 12 hours of college classes, some savings, and a brand new Chevy Camaro...drop some classes and then you're in the Army now...cancel next semester's schedule, everything changes on a dime. Vietnam, 1970. John Podlaski lived it, and his writing is rich, personal, and brings visualization and presence within the sense of place. This is worth reading for everyone, recommend...

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